multinational company in chittagong

Multinational Company In Chittagong

In the ever-growing marketplace, multinational companies have been dominating the scene for a long time. With the rise in demand for quality products and timely services, the number of multinational companies in Chittagong has eventually increased.

As the trade capital of the country, the presence of the multinational company in Chittagong plays a vital role in the overall prosperity of our economy. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best multinational company in Chittagong which has been flourishing in their respective fields of repute.


Unilever is one of the largest multinational Consumer Products Manufacturing companies in the world and also has an establishment in Chittagong. As a prestigious name in the field of product manufacturing and supply, Unilever is well known for its wide variety of goods and quality products that are household necessities in our everyday lives.

As one of the top tier multinational companies in Chittagong, Unilever stands out to satisfy their huge number of customers with world-class products day to day.


MAERSK is one of the most integrated multi-national container logistics companies in Chittagong. As a dedicated firm among logistics and supply chain companies, MAERSK has been performing consistently to satisfy its customers with quality services.


MAERSK remains one of the best multinational companies in Chittagong with its integrated approach and committed services.


Among the top-tier consumer goods companies in Chittagong, BAT stands out as a leading name in their field. They also have international affiliate companies including Reynolds American which remains one of the world-class names among consumer goods suppliers

With their professionalism and dedicated services, BAT is undoubtedly another leading multinational company in Chittagong.


DARAZ is the most popular online shopping platform in the country and has seen amazing growth in recent years. The ease of using their platform and their policy to deliver all kinds of products to your doorsteps makes DARAZ one of the most used online shopping platforms in the country.


With their day-to-day services and customer-friendly approach, DARAZ remains the best-performing multinational company in Chittagong.


Among the most prestigious banking and financial companies in the world, HSBC bank is undoubtedly one of the elite names. As an extremely competent banking firm and the 7th largest bank in the world, HSBC strikes out as one of the best multinational companies in Chittagong.

With its quick services and safe transaction systems, HSBC is an elite banking company not only in Chittagong but all across the world.


BRAC is truly one of the most active and well-performing companies in the country. As a multinational company in Chittagong, BRAC Bank is a client-friendly banking establishment by BRAC.

Their timely transactions and investment-friendly opportunities make BRAC Bank one of the leading multinational companies in Chittagong.


Standard Chartered Bank

Another elite name in the field of banking and financial transactions is Standard Chartered Bank. A prestigious banking firm in Chittagong, Standard Chartered has been operating across the world for over 150 years now.


With its timely services in world banking, Standard Chartered has been upholding their well revered international image across the globe for years.



Grameenphone is the leading telecommunication company in the country which has been performing at the top level over the years. As the fastest mobile internet provider and with amazing coverage of operator services, Grameenphone ranks among the most popular multinational companies in Chittagong.



Reckitt is one of the consumer products manufacturing companies dedicated to providing quality services to their customers. As a flourishing product manufacturing firm in Chittagong, Reckitt is committed to maintaining its level of quality in all the products that are supplied to its customers.

Reckitt also ranks among the best multinational company in Chittagong thanks to their well-maintained products and quality services.


Berger Paints

One of the most prestigious paints companies in the world, Berger Paints is the leading name when it comes to trusted brands of paints for buildings and infrastructure. As a dedicated multinational company in Chittagong, Berger Paints has been satisfying customers for a long time with its top-quality products and professional services.

Truly a prestigious firm that has held its well-revered image with quality services, Berger Paints is a leading name when it comes to multinational companies.


Final Word

Multinational companies have been playing a vital role in the overall growth and prosperity of our economy while also satisfying consumer demands with their services. In trade capital Chittagong, the number of multinational companies is on the rise and hopefully these firms will contribute further to the well-being of our national economy.



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